Let the Devil Sleep – John Verdon

John Verdone has written four of the best police detective novels ever. Called the Gurney Detective novels this is the third of four books written so far. All books are available on Audible.com. 

This audiobook as well as the fourth  book “Peter Pan Must Die” are narrated by Robert Fass. Robert is now one of my favorite narrators. His ability to create unique characters is far above others in his field. As a listener you are drawn into the world the author has created. Each character comes alive and in the case of Retired Detective Dave Gurney, with a soul.

When a young women’s mother asks Dave to consult on a TV idea for her daughter he is confronted with a 10 year old cold case. Six people were killed by the Good Shepard and he was never caught. The more Gurney learns the more questions he asks.

This fast passed thriller take the listener into the mind of a killer, the media, and maybe a little of us all. The race to solve this cold case is a fast one. Dave Gurney makes himself the target and dares the killer to come get him. The final showdown will keep you riveted and wanting more.

I rate this a 5 star book and a #1 Crime Thriller. The Audio Narration is second to none and Robert Fass shows again why he is one of the best.

The publisher Dreamscape Media provide me a copy of this Audiobook for an honest review 



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