Mecca – William Deverell

Mecca is written by William Deverell and Narrated by Steve Scherf and Beverley Elliott. Published by McClelland & Stewart; First Edition 1983, and republished on audiobook by Steve Scherf Audiobooks in July, 2013. 

This is my first Deverell book and first audiobook by Scherf and Elliott. First the narrators; the numerous characters in this book makes narrating a challenge. 90% of the duo’s attempt is well done, Scherf’s attempt at a German Accent made me laugh as it sounded like a bad Saturday Night Live Arnold Swartzeneger imitation.  Neither the voices or the story kept me intertained or interested in the story. 

The story itself is dated as it was written 30 years ago. A full year before Tom Clancy’s “The Hunt for Red October” which started the modern Spy/Terrorist/Special Operations novel era. Knowing the time it was written and what was to come I give this story a lot of Grace. It really doesn’t hold up to today’s novels in its Genre, but for its time it must have seemed groundbreaking.

The protagonist is a French Canadian Socialist Revolutionary who is offered a full pardon and pension for life if he infiltrates a group of revolutionary terrorists and find out their target and stops the attack. First on the personal side, everybody needs a hero, even Canada but a pro-Separatist from Quebec may even be a stretch for my Canadian Friends. Also why is every women in these stories a crazy nymphomaniac.  

Again for the time this was written I would say it was groundbreaking, the villain is a little James Bondesque in his flamboyancy but Deverell was breaking new ground. If you are interested in a 1983 pre-Clancy special operations novel this is for you, but if your looking for Brad Thor, David Baldacci, or Andrew Peterson this book will not excite you.

This audiobook was gifted to me for an honest



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