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The Last Snow – Eric Van Lustbader

Eric Van Lustbader’s send book in the Jack McClure series is a step up from his first book The Last Daughter. This thriller takes place in Russia as Jack accompanies the President travels to Moscow. Jack is the Presidents closest ally and confidant. Jack makes a split second decision to get involved with defending a Russian Woman and is drawn into what could become an international incident.

When the President’s Daugter is left in his custody he must protect her while solving a mystery before the President signs a new agreement with Russia.

It is a mile a minute thrill ride and Richard Ferrone does an amazing job with the characters in this series. As an advid audiophile I appreciate a narrator who stays with a series from book to book. This is a great book to listen to and I am excited to start the next book in this series.

I bought this book for my own pleasure and provide this Honest Review for my readers.



Bloodletting – Michael McBride

Bloodletting is an Audiobook available on and Narrated by Scott Thomas. Scott does a great job with the Female voice and the male FBI agent in this story. The story itself is very intense involving multiple mutilated body’s found in several states with no suspects. 

Hundreds of miles away mummified remains are found and an anthropologist is taken from her dig in South America, by the FBI, to look at the remains. The anthropologist and the FBI Agent are old Friends and wonder why they are brought together for this case.

Plans for DNA manipulation going back to WWII and the Nazis comes to light and the mystery takes a sinister turn.

This thriller makes you think and shiver as your listening. What possibly could happen next? Will they ever stop this serial killer? Will they ever solve this crime?

Bloodletting is a wild ride and worth listening to more than once.

This book was gifted to me for an honest review from a third party.


Lady Ace – Sandra Farris

Lady Ace is an audiobook narrated by Lia Fredrick and written by Sandra Farris. Lady Ace is the nick name given to the main character Kasey O’Brian. After her fathers plane crashed into a Colorado Mountain Side she was left with running the family airplane business. When her plan looses power on final approach she lands the plane with her passengers in one piece.

Upon further inspection she finds her oil line was cut and begins to question what is going on. Is someone trying to kill her and if so did they succeed in killing her father also, or was it her passenger they were after. Who can she trust on this Oregon Ranch she flew too and can she keep her business and herself Alive?

Lia Fredrick does an excellent job narrating this audiobook.  The story is short, only six hours, and very intriguing. A great listen for a rainy day.

This audiobook was a gift in return for an honest review. Available on


Before He Kills Again – R. Barri Flowers

Before He Kills Again is a Veronica Vasquez Thriller Narrated by Jane Boyer and written by International Best-Selling Author R. Barri Flowers. In honesty this is the first book I have read or listened to and I was not disapointed. Being from Oregon myself reading a story that takes place in Portland, as well as the coast and other cities I know well it was a bit of home for this reviewer.         Veronica Vasquez is a FBI psychologist and criminal profiler who comes home to Oregon to assist the Portland Police Bureau is catching a serial killer named “The Rose Killer” which is quaint since Portland is the Rose City. This killer kills in pairs one Black and one White female victim and leaves a rose one black and one white on each. 

Detective Sergeant, and former FBI Agent, Bryan Waldicott is not sure he wants the FBI’s help. Veronica must prove herself a team player and win over the Portland Detectives. After loosing her husband three years ago she has hidden in her work and worked mostly alone tracking the worst criminals the FBI knows about. This trip to Portland is the first time it isn’t work only. Her astranged sister lives in Portland and so the story involves an attempt of reconnecting along with a dangerous pursuit of the Rose Killer.

This audiobook was well done and well written. I was intrigued and suprised with the twists and turns. There is some adult sexual material and a love story intertwined in this horrific murder rampage but overall I was suprised and am excited to read another Vasquez Thriller.

This book was gifted to me for an honest review.


The Academy-Lost Tales of Power Series Book 2

The Second Book in the “Lost Tales Of Power” Series narrated again by Jack De Golia @JackWestCoast. Jack’s ability to do male and female voices and even different alien races in a way that I can tell who is talking before the author tells me is a great credit to his workmanship and love of the spoken word.  The Author Vincent Trigili work continues to expand a universe to include other dementions without streaching the believability of the story.  He takes from several different known ideas, stargates, warp drive, magic, good and evil, and weaves them into a story that is interesting and intriguing. 

In this book the Characters from the first Book “Enemy of an Enemy” play an advanced but background roll and he introduces us to new young characters. Although young is relative as these characters live for hundreds of years. As the Empire has fallen and the Imperial Navy has been broken up and handed out to newly formed “states/governments” James the Pilot who assissted in defeating the Sorcerers in the final battle must deal with his nightmares of loseing a ship in battle and of his future. James enters the academy and unlike normal boot camp this training starts with a ten year training and weeding out process. Breaking students of old world ideas of selfishness and rebuilding selflessness and team work. Something lost in the technology overloaded future. 

There is still a darkness in the air over the newly formed republic and only a few can sense its presence. Time is ticking to train new wizards in time for the sorcerers revenge. This book and series looks at manyaspects of future life in a mystical yet practical way. I enjoy these books and hope to continue to receive them for review in the future.


First Daughter – Eric Van Lustbader

This is the first in a series of books written by Eric Van Lustbader and Narrated by Richard Farrone. As with any series that you may not have heard of I tend to go back and start at the beginning and listen to books in order. I was introduced to Eric’s work with The second book in this series Last Snow and have decided to listen to the five books available on and review them. Richard Farrone is a genuis and voice work and this performance showes his greatness. 

Jack McClure is an ATF Agent whose Daughter was killed in a terrible accident. His daughters roomate was Alli Carson the President Elects Daughter, who dissapears from here college dorm room weeks before the inaguration. As Jack searchers for Alli he has the full support and backing of the President Elect who wants his daughter found before inaguration day so she can take her place on the podium as the First Daughter.  If this sounds cold, I agree and that is what makes finding someone who may not want found so much harder. 

Jack’s past haunts him and this book contains a lot of flashbacks, and back to present time then back to the past, so pay attention as you listen. You may need to hit the rewind 30 second button to keep up. Many may think this book is anti-christian but I disagree. Faith is not about power and those who use faith to gain power and control are not truely christian. This book may have a political statement to make but it could just has easily have been written about the Far Left Leaning Obama administration. An Author must write a story and this story is a political thriller wrapped in the mind of one man, Jack McClure.

I must also say the work usage and writing style of this author was more like poetry at times than a mystery. They way he wrote the words and put them together was more than a person writing a book but more like a how to on writing more than just words on a page. I am excited to read the next book in the series and see how Jack’s Life changes now that so many questions have been answered.

I bought this book for my own pleasure and write this review for my followers on Twitter @PerryBookReview and my blog and readers of


Advocate’s Felony – Teresa Burrell

This latest book in Teresa Burrell’s Advocate’s series is narrated by John Bell. Her heroin Attorney  Sabre Brown receives a call from her brother who has been in Witness Protection for the last 7 years. He believes someone knows where he is and that they are trying to kill him. Apparently he has been moved around the country from place to place trying to stay safe and hidden. After the latest incident he is on the run. He doesn’t trust those protecting him any longer. So Sabre has to juggle her defence of children in juvenile court as well as find and protect her brother. Since no one can know where he is, including Sabre, she must use her Nancy Drew like Skills and her trusty Private Investigator J.P. to find where her brother Ron is hiding. Unfortunatly She is not the only person looking for Ron. Apparently every where he has been moved people connected to his case have been found murdered. Some in law enforcement believe Ron is the killer, Sabre must save her brother and prove his innocence without getting killed herself. This is by far the most thrilleresque book in the series. All the books have been great mysteries with danger and intrigue but this one takes Sabre and crew to a new level. I enjoyed listening to this book and narrator John Bell did a good job telling the stories. This is the first time a Male narrator has been used in this series, and maybe that did raise the level of intrigue in the listening, but I have to say I prefer hearing a female voice narrating this series. Overall the author was kept me interested in the characters and I am ready for the next book where there might be a little romance in store for Sabre Brown. I will have to wait and see.

This book was given to me as a gift for an honest review all six of Teresa Burrell’s Advocate’s series are available at and reviews are available at