Assassin’s Breach -Nicholas Cicero

Assassin’s Breach is available at and is Narrated by Jack de Golia @JackWestCoast. This narration has many characters and accents and Jack does a great job presenting them all. You can feel the terror and excitement in the spoken words of the author. An Assassin from an alphabet agency NICO (National Intelligence Covert Operations) retires to become a Political Apointee and writes a book that is a complete fiction but based on his experience in the field. After vetting and approval by the agency his Former Director Milken decides he has had enough. Too many tell all books and video games are giving away to many secrets. Milken decides to kill the former assassin Augustus Pena. Pena takes this act, rightly so, as War. He will stop at nothing to stay alive.

Assassin’s Breach is a great first book to this series and Jack de Golia is a great narrator.



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