Enemy of An Enemy – Vincent Trigili

This book is narrated by Jack de Golia @jackwestcoast. Jack is a tallented Narrator and I am wven more impressed with his work after listening to to titles he narrated back to back. Some times you will hear the same voices for different characters in different books. I was so happily supprised to hear unique voices and I could truley tell I was listening to a different book. To me as a reveiwer lf audiobooks is esential. It is not a deal breaker as one of my favorite narrators Dick Hill tends to sound like Jack Reacher in all his Narations. But that is probably more me than him.
As for the book I liked it. I am always wary of books like this because they all seem like Star Wars rip offs. This book does have some Star Wars elements but really what space drama doesn’t. The story kept growing. To say this 8 hour plus audiobook seemed much longer. It didn’t drag on but was filled with so much information, combat, and intrigue that you feel like you are there with the characters. The Main Character Vydor, thinks his life is on track as an Intelegince analyst when he is asked to go on a top secret mission. The growth of his character and the story that unfolds is one worthy of being told and the vision in your head while listeneing is better than any movie could ever be. Jack de Golia has a lot to do with that through his presentation. The author tells a moving story that for me continued to supprise and amaze over and over again while listeneing. I Highly Recommend this Audiobook. 



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