Before He Kills Again – R. Barri Flowers

Before He Kills Again is a Veronica Vasquez Thriller Narrated by Jane Boyer and written by International Best-Selling Author R. Barri Flowers. In honesty this is the first book I have read or listened to and I was not disapointed. Being from Oregon myself reading a story that takes place in Portland, as well as the coast and other cities I know well it was a bit of home for this reviewer.         Veronica Vasquez is a FBI psychologist and criminal profiler who comes home to Oregon to assist the Portland Police Bureau is catching a serial killer named “The Rose Killer” which is quaint since Portland is the Rose City. This killer kills in pairs one Black and one White female victim and leaves a rose one black and one white on each. 

Detective Sergeant, and former FBI Agent, Bryan Waldicott is not sure he wants the FBI’s help. Veronica must prove herself a team player and win over the Portland Detectives. After loosing her husband three years ago she has hidden in her work and worked mostly alone tracking the worst criminals the FBI knows about. This trip to Portland is the first time it isn’t work only. Her astranged sister lives in Portland and so the story involves an attempt of reconnecting along with a dangerous pursuit of the Rose Killer.

This audiobook was well done and well written. I was intrigued and suprised with the twists and turns. There is some adult sexual material and a love story intertwined in this horrific murder rampage but overall I was suprised and am excited to read another Vasquez Thriller.

This book was gifted to me for an honest review.



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