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Crow Hollow -Michael Wallace

Rosemary Benson is one of the best Audiobook Narrators working today. This is another treasure of Michael Wallace’s she has brought to our ears.

This tale of 1676 New England is historic in its landscape and its social descriptions of the time. The religious control of the population and fear of a far off King Philip sets up a story of treachery and deception.Prudence Cotton has lost her husband and believes her child was taken by the Nipmuk tribe. Others say the child was dead, but a mother knows. As she continues to try and find her child a stranger and his partner come to town.
James Bailey is an Agent of King Philip who has come to Boston to investigate The death of Prudence Cotton’s husband. When his partner is killed James and Prudence become an unlikely pair that run to the wilderness to hide from those trying to kill him and get answers for the crown. 
The unlikely duo of an unmarried man and a widow women in 1676 New England have more than just killers in front of them they have the scorn of the righteous to contend with as well.
This book is an amazing story and was a history lesson for me. It really describes and led me to feel the emotion of 17th century New England.
This is a great experience that Rosemary and Michael have gifted us listeners with once again. 



Blood Moon – Alexandra Sokoloff

Blood Moon is the follow up to Huntess Moon. Narrated by R.C. Bray this book is a great thriller. Special Agent Matthew Roarke fights between his personal feelings and his responsibility to follow the law as he tracks down a female serial killer. She is the only surviving victim of of a killer who has been quiet for 25. Now the killer is back and making up for lost time. Will Roarke  stop another killing or be left chasing thin air.This book does not disappoint. R.C. Bray is the perfect voice for these characters. The tension, confusion, and trouble can be felt in ever word spoken. Alexandra Sololoff is a great hidden treasure and a must read/listen to author.