Monthly Archives: January 2016

Advocates Geocache

Teresa Burrell has written another page turner. Sabre Brown is back and living life as normal. Settling into a relationship with her Private Investigator   And working as a advocate for children in San Diego. Saber is helping her family and her community. She has been GeoCaching for fun and finds a unique item left behind. A death certificate for a one named person on a future date. Is this a hoax or a clue to an upcoming murder.
Sabre can’t leave it alone and as coincidences start piling up she can’t stop chasing the clues. When children she is protecting in the legal system may be involved Sabre enlists the help of all her friends to solve the riddle.
John Bell Narrates his second book in this series and dies a great job with unique voices and cadence to make the listen enjoyable for the listener.
What will Theresa think up next for Sabre and friends. Book 8 will be amazing if not dangerous.