Mason’s Missing – Teresa Burrell

I’ve listened to this on Audible It’s totally free, if it’s your first time accepting a book from a friend.

The Author did send me this Audio Book for Review.

Tuper is a character from Teresa Burrell’s Advocate Series. She decided that the character needed his own book and I agree.

I like to start with the audio production since it is an audiobook. John Bell was the narrator and created every character with passion and the flair I have come to expect from this authors writing.

Tuper is a Sam Elliot type living in Montana. He is someone who has been around so long he knows everyone and “Knows a Guy” somewhere that can find him the information he needs to know. When a young boy goes missing the police are not sure if it is a kidnapping or a custody case between divorcing parents.

The mother asks Tuper for his help. Tuper, like I said, “Knows” lots of guys. But what he doesn’t know are computers or computer people. Then along comes a little lady he names Agony. She is a junior hacker and as her nickname reveals isn’t Tuper’s choice for a sidekick. Fortunately, she doesn’t ask permission, she like many of Tuper’s friends has a skill and against his better judgement he accepts her help.

This unlikely duo are on the case and looking for answers. When the people they are questioning start being murdered they know they are running out of time to find the little boy Mason.

Then the snow begins to fall…

This is one of the authors best books to date and I was captured from the opening paragraph. This is a great listen and will make you want to find and listen to her advocate series that takes place in Sunny San Diego.

A great character and environment in Beautiful Montana. This is a must listen to book.


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