The Neon Lawyer – Victor Methos

Set in Salt Lake City a new lawyer is sworn into the Bar. He is a Full time Janitor and was made his way through law school with determination and hard work. After hand delivering resumes to the local Attorney’s offices he has no interest and try’s one last attorney TTB and associates. This flamboyant Russian attorney works all the angles that the law allows. Brigham, our young lawyer is willing to work for free but TTB will pay a percentage for his work. With no other options Brigham takes on the challenge. At first a traffic ticket defense that his out of the box thinking gets some attention. He is then handed a public defender murder case. This is rare and scary for any lawyer but more so for a one case lawyer. This is a great story of the system and how conviction at any cost is prevalent.

Nick Podehl is the narrator of this audio book and is excellent. After finishing this book I immediately looked for the next in the series and found Book 2 An Invisible Client.

I am glad to add this author to my rotation of great legal writers.


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