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Lady Ace – Sandra Farris

Lady Ace is an audiobook narrated by Lia Fredrick and written by Sandra Farris. Lady Ace is the nick name given to the main character Kasey O’Brian. After her fathers plane crashed into a Colorado Mountain Side she was left with running the family airplane business. When her plan looses power on final approach she lands the plane with her passengers in one piece.

Upon further inspection she finds her oil line was cut and begins to question what is going on. Is someone trying to kill her and if so did they succeed in killing her father also, or was it her passenger they were after. Who can she trust on this Oregon Ranch she flew too and can she keep her business and herself Alive?

Lia Fredrick does an excellent job narrating this audiobook.  The story is short, only six hours, and very intriguing. A great listen for a rainy day.

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Fire and Ice – Dana Stabenow

This is the First of the Alaska Trooper Liam Campbell novels. Narrated by Marguerite Gavin. Marguerite is a great narrator and brings all of the many characters to life.

Once Trooper Campbell arrives at his new posting someone dies. In the first three days there are many activities and shootings that take his attention. This story lays the groundwork and background for many characters including the town and villages of Liam’s new posting.

As Liam solves the murder and works to gain the trust of the people at his new posting his personal life becomes Intwined with his investigations. This audiobook is a great first book in what I think will be an even better series.

I purchased this book for my own interest, this review is my own.

Think of a Number – John Verdon

This is the first book in the Dave Gurney Series. This audiobook is narrated by Scott Brick. Scott also did the second book in this series Shut Your Eyes Tight. 

John Verdon is a once in a lifetime author. He has no law enforcement background but writes like a retired cop, much like his main character Dave Gurney. Dave is A retired NYPD Detective and is asked to look at a case.

This is the first time we meet Dave and his wife and son. His (what I call) Anti-Partner Jack Hargrove and his need to solve puzzles. Dave puts his whole heart into this case and even risks his own life to answer questions and close the case tight.

This is a book of substance but keeps you listening through the very end. This book does not have slow areas as each chapter you learn along with Dave what is happening. This is a great book and series. I am sold and a big fan.

I bought this book for my own pleasure and review purposes.


Robby’s Quest: Thrills and Chills

This is the fourth book in the Robby’s Quest series. D.C. Rush is author and publisher and Chills and Thrills is Narrated by Tracy Elman, and Illustrated by Daniela Frongia and is available as an audiobook. After the Flock’s adventure in Las Vegas they return to San Diego. 

Telling their stories to their friends they discuss where they will go next. They want to travel to Ohio but it is too far so they decide to take smaller trips and work their way up the west coast.

The flock travels to San Francisco with there friends the Whales. The see the sights and visit Chinatown.  The stop by an amusement park along the way and ride some of the rides. These friends have so much fun.

This book teaches friendship, trust, leadership, and teamwork. It is a great series.

I received this book as a gift for an honest review.

Burn- James Paterson

Danny Mastrogiorgio narrates the next book in the Michael Bennett series. After being in witness protection in California Michael, Mary Katherine, Shamus and the children move back to New York after Michael testifies.

Upon return to New York Bennett is not received as a hero but is removed from Major Crime and placed in charge of a Motle Crew of misfit cops at the Mayors pet project the Office of the Ombudsman.

The theft of diamonds from several brokers in the days before Diamond Week in New York puts Michael
back at Major Crimes while running the Office of the Ombudsman. The clock is running on Bennett as he must catch the Dimond Theves before Dimond Week.

This audiobook is worth the listen as Mastrogiorgio does a masterful job telling Patterson’s story and bringing the Bennett family to life as we have always known them. It is a great continuation of the series. I am excited for the next book and that is most important.

I bought this book for my own listening pleasure.

Robby’s Quest- Return of the Cat

D.C. Rush third children’s book in the Robby’s Quest series The Return of the Cat, Narrated by Tracy Elman, and Illustrated by Daniela Frongia is available as an audiobook. Robby and he’s flock of friends decide to split up. Some stay in Arizona, some want to return to San Diego, and others want to just be on an Adventure and see the world.

Daniela and Tracy brings the characters to life once again as the birds visit Hover Dam and the City of Las Vegas. Where they meet new pink birds and see NewYork, Paris, and Egypt in a single day.

This Series is a great book for reading, the illustrations are amazing and to listen as you read is an experience every Child should have.

This book was gifted to me for an honest review.

The Lie – Andrea Emmes Narrator

The Lie, Gold Medal Winner – Fiction 2013 at Illumination Book Awards by Ashley Fontainne and Narrated by Andrea Emmes. This book jumps off the page and comes alive through the performance of Andrea Emmes. The characters all have substance and emotion. I felt the confusion and terror of the unknown. Every twist and turn caught me off guard and yet I never jumped ahead in my mind to the end. Every word was written so well I listened in one sitting.

Karmen Moncrille was raised by her mother after her fathers death in a car crash. She was home schooled and sheltered from the world. She read every author and every type of book. When at 16 she wrote her first book it was a best seller then a Hit Box Office Movie. Her gift for writing made her wealthy and every book was quickly picked up by her fans.

When her dreams started coming to life and causing her mental anguish she runs away to relax in her Kentucky  cabin. A spiritual battle ensued that opens Karmen’s unbelieving heart to the truth of Jesus and Gods ultimate plan. A shocking and thrilling ride to the end. 

This book was a gift for an honest review.IMG_0706.JPG