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Robby’s Quest: Thrills and Chills

This is the fourth book in the Robby’s Quest series. D.C. Rush is author and publisher and Chills and Thrills is Narrated by Tracy Elman, and Illustrated by Daniela Frongia and is available as an audiobook. After the Flock’s adventure in Las Vegas they return to San Diego. 

Telling their stories to their friends they discuss where they will go next. They want to travel to Ohio but it is too far so they decide to take smaller trips and work their way up the west coast.

The flock travels to San Francisco with there friends the Whales. The see the sights and visit Chinatown.  The stop by an amusement park along the way and ride some of the rides. These friends have so much fun.

This book teaches friendship, trust, leadership, and teamwork. It is a great series.

I received this book as a gift for an honest review.


In the Grip of Grace – Max Lucado

Ben Holland reads Thomas-Nelson’s  new extended release of Max Lucado’s study of Romans and Gods overwhelming Grace toward us. Why listen to a book some ask, this book is an Excelent example of why audiobooks are so enjoyable. Ben Holland expresses every word with a fullness and passion usually reserved for an author or public speaker. This takes the written word to another level.

God’s Grace for us is explained in several parables and stories by Max Lucado. This is the first of his books I have ever listened to of reviewed. Max’s ability to share stories and be so humble in doing so makes him a favorite author in the Christian community.

This book is not dry or preachy but a loving gift from the author. I listened to In the Grip of Grace in a single sitting. Have you ever felt you were to far gone for God to reach you? This book should  once and for all dispell any beliefs to that effect. God’s Grace is abundant and the provisions for you were made long before you were born. 

This book is a 5 star masterpiece of Christian Writing. It brought the book of Romans alive to me and makes me want to dig into the bible and study more about Gods Grace.

This book was gifted to me from the publisher for an honest review. It is available from and

Robby’s Quest: Ocean Bound

Ocean Bound is the 2nd book in the Robby’s Quest series. Narrated by Tracy Elman and published by DC Rush. Tracy Elman once again brings all the different bird characters to life. I have said before in other reviews how listening to her makes me feel like I am back at the Library for story time. She is a consistent joy to listen to.

As for Robby and his friends, this book is about family, teamwork, trust, and bringing outsiders into your family when they are in need. Helping others and believing in other members of your flock or team is a great lesson to teach.

This is an audiobook review but if you can get the book as well the illustrations are a great addition. Following along while listening is a great way to learn new words and improve reading for children.

Without giving away the adventure of Robby and his friends I must say this is another great adventure audiobook that will keep you and your kids entertained for 45 minutes to an hour.

This Audiobook was given to me as a gift for an honest review for Audiobook Monthly

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Be the Dad She Needs You to Be – AudioBook Review

Psychologist Kevin Leman’s book published by Thomas Nelson on Brilliance Audio and Narrated by Stu Gray is a must listen.

Stu Grey’s voice brings the jovial nature of the author to life. Within seconds of starting this audiobook I was laughing out loud. The stories and life lessons some taught and some learned by Kevin Leman are shared with a fatherly love and compassion. This tone is properly presented by Stu Grey. 

Being a Father to your Daughter is a high calling and one that needs to be taken seriously. Leman uses humor and scriptural insight to bring his wisdom and experience to the listener. This is an audiobook that can be listened to on a road trip with the whole family or while walking or driving to work. This is good information for men, woman, sons,  daughters or any one planning on becoming a parent. 

Christians and Non-Christians alike can find Gold in this audiobook and I highly recommend this and any other audiobook Author Kevin Leman and Narrator Stu Gray produce with confidence.
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The Book of Beasts – Audiobook Review

Edith (E.) Nesbit’s book is Narrated by Karen Krause. This story is a modern fairy-tale of a young boy made king.  His Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather was the last sitting King and by account a strange King. This little boy would rather make mud pies than be King but he had his duty to do.

The Book of Beasts is a magical book that is full of pictures of animals and beasts. When the young King opened the book and read the first page the beautiful butterfly flew off the page.

The Kings Chancellor took the book and put it on a high shelf telling the King not to read from the book again, for The King did not know what beast was on the next page of The Book of Beasts. Of course the young King was to curious   for his own good. This story continues as the young King tries to live with the consequences of reopening the book. 

Can the King find a way to save his kingdom. Read The Book of Beasts for yourself and see what adventure you can find.20140803-114135-42095332.jpg

Betty and Howard’s Excellent Adventure – Audiobook Review

JJ DiBenedetto’s short story involving  Sara’s parents from the Dream Series. Betty writes a Letter/Journal to her best friend Kat about there first trip to Europe. The excitement  ensues when Sara’s friend from college is one of the tour guides. Betty and Howard hear many stories about Sara’s college life that their dear daughter had neglected to share with her parents. This is a fun adventure for Sara’s parents. But as Betty says there is no place like home.

This audiobook was narrated by Nicola Bryant20140718-211427-76467409.jpg