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Borderline – Lawrence Block Author

Borderline was first published in 1961 and is now being re-released by Hard Case Crime Publishing. Mike Dennis is the narrator and has a voice gritty enough to bring this audiobook to life. The characters are unique and sensual and hard.  He draws you into each of the overlapping stories and you can hear the soul or lack there of of each character as they are brought to life through this audiobook.

For the book itself Lawrence Block the master of the mystery novel does something few authors can do, that is write multiple intersecting stories, happening at the same time without a drop in pace or rhythm. This book is not for the weak at heart or stomach. This is the most sexually gritty and violent of the True Crime genre novels.

I described in an earlier review of a Lawrence Block book, that I liked the book because it wasn’t as vulgar as most novels and He responded to me that that my review didn’t sound like the book he wrote. Well Mr. Block this book is plenty vulgar let no one make the mistake that it isn’t. Old School Hard Case Crime at its worst or in your case it’s very best.

This book stands up to the test of time and does this author proud.20140802-213042-77442614.jpg