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The Closers Guide – Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone reads his own book but never really stays on script giving many extra insight to his thinking in this audiobook. I would say if your in sales you want to be a closer. If you can’t close you aren’t selling anything. This book has everything you need to be a closer except the heart. You have to provide that yourself along with commitment, dedication, and persistence. This is a must read for anyone who ever wants to accomplish anything in life.
This book was purchased for my own education.


If You’re Not First You’re Last

Grant Cardone controversial book gives people a step by step way out of this economic contraction. By increasing activity, reconnection with old clients and going after new clients you can bypass your competition as they cut back or hold.

If You’re Not First You’re Last, explains why you should expand during an economic contraction and how to best create new business without using the old expensive methods.

Grant talks about not being a victim and taking control and responsibility for ones actions. Cold calling, face to face meetings and cutting out the slack in your life is covered in this book.

This is the fifth audiobook of Grant Cardone’s I have reviewed. At first I was not as excited about this title as the others but as I listened I continued to learn. Anyone in a downturn can use this knowledge to better Domminate. As Grant says competition  is for sissy’s, You want to DOMINATE YOUR MARKETPLACE.  I agree.

I purchased this book for my own education

Sell or be Sold: Get Your Way in Business and in Life

This book is written and narrated by Grant Cardone. There is a great deal of extra content that isn’t in the print version as Grant goes off the cuff and speaks freely, without his editors meddling, and provides so much data you must listen twice. Once for familiarization and once for notes.

Grants Ideas on sales are fresh and the newest thought printed on sales in 50 years. This is a Bestseller on many lists and is something I am keeping in my que to listen to again and again.

There is so much content I couldn’t begin to describe it all but here is the main point. YOU’RE ALWAYS SELLING!!!
Everything you do is a form of selling and your commission is a smile, an open door, a raise, a date, a loan etc.

Everything we do is selling. Another Book “The Closers Survival Guide” covers that most important part of selling and that is closing the deal. This deserves its own book because it is a unique animal in itself.

This audiobook allows you to feel the heart and soul of Grant Cardone. It is a must listen.

I bought this book for my own education.

The Secret of Selling – Grant Cardone

This 1 hour Audiobook is a live presentation by Grant Cardone on the secrets of selling. It is a great introduction to Grant and his many books and programs on Selling, Closing, and the 10X lifestyle.

Available on Audible at a great price. Then check out The Ten X Rule, Sale or be Sold, The Closers Survivor Guide, and finish with If You’re Not a First You’re Last.

The Ten X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure – Grant Cardone

The Ten X Rule is written and narrated by Grant Cardone, Published by Wiley in print and Gildan Media, LLC for Audio.

Grant is an expert on sales and motivating people to be their best. I can’t do this audiobook justice but I can say I have bought copies to hand out. Do life at the Ten X Level. Not One X or Five X, But TEN X. Think Big, then Think Bigger. It is your Moral Responsibility to be Successful. Take “Massive Actions” don’t be Average or settle for the Middle.  Don’t Fight for the scraps, Be the Biggest Dog you know. Never Say No. Say Yes, Leave everyone else behind working on If it can be done while You are Doing It! Whatever It may Be, Do It Bigger, Better, and Faster than. Anyone else. Understand that the Only Unsatisfied Customers are the One’s who don’t have what your Selling. Be Everywhere, All the Time! 

Grant shares so many secrets that this is a book I plan on listening to once a month for the next 12 months. This information is What You Need, Especially If You Think You Don’t. You need it most of all.

I bought this audiobook for my own pleasure and am glad to share my review.


In the Grip of Grace – Max Lucado

Ben Holland reads Thomas-Nelson’s  new extended release of Max Lucado’s study of Romans and Gods overwhelming Grace toward us. Why listen to a book some ask, this book is an Excelent example of why audiobooks are so enjoyable. Ben Holland expresses every word with a fullness and passion usually reserved for an author or public speaker. This takes the written word to another level.

God’s Grace for us is explained in several parables and stories by Max Lucado. This is the first of his books I have ever listened to of reviewed. Max’s ability to share stories and be so humble in doing so makes him a favorite author in the Christian community.

This book is not dry or preachy but a loving gift from the author. I listened to In the Grip of Grace in a single sitting. Have you ever felt you were to far gone for God to reach you? This book should  once and for all dispell any beliefs to that effect. God’s Grace is abundant and the provisions for you were made long before you were born. 

This book is a 5 star masterpiece of Christian Writing. It brought the book of Romans alive to me and makes me want to dig into the bible and study more about Gods Grace.

This book was gifted to me from the publisher for an honest review. It is available from and

The Making of a Man – Tim Brown

If you are a fan of the NFL or Notre Dame you will be a fan of this audiobook. David Chattam Narrates the story of Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown NFL All-Pro for the Los Angeles and Oakland Raiders. David has a deep mellow voice that captivates the listener and will keep your attention. 

Tim shares the story of his life in and out of the NFL.  Starting with his childhood and taking you through his life spent in church and prayer meetings. A powerful father who taught Tim good and bad traits of being a Man, and a Godly Mother who kept the family together through it all.

Tim speaks openly about the troubles that can come to a young man. Premarital sex and the consequences of having a child outside of marriage. Tim made sure he was there for his son in the off season and had appointment phone calls several times a week during the football season to stay connected to his son.

Tim speaks openly about his alcoholic father and describes why he never touched alcohol or drugs. Being famous and winning the Heisman does not a Man make. Dedication and commitment to family, your team, and most of all God are Key to The Making of the a Man.

Tim shares his faith in Jesus Christ and how being a Man and leading by example and hard work made him who he is today. Through injury and disappointments God looked out for Tim and Tim gave God All the Glory.

This Audiobook is Published by Thomas Nelson on Brilliance Audio and is perfect for young fatherless men who need some Godly wisdom and advice on how to be a Real Godly Man.

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