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Advocate’s Felony – Teresa Burrell

This latest book in Teresa Burrell’s Advocate’s series is narrated by John Bell. Her heroin Attorney  Sabre Brown receives a call from her brother who has been in Witness Protection for the last 7 years. He believes someone knows where he is and that they are trying to kill him. Apparently he has been moved around the country from place to place trying to stay safe and hidden. After the latest incident he is on the run. He doesn’t trust those protecting him any longer. So Sabre has to juggle her defence of children in juvenile court as well as find and protect her brother. Since no one can know where he is, including Sabre, she must use her Nancy Drew like Skills and her trusty Private Investigator J.P. to find where her brother Ron is hiding. Unfortunatly She is not the only person looking for Ron. Apparently every where he has been moved people connected to his case have been found murdered. Some in law enforcement believe Ron is the killer, Sabre must save her brother and prove his innocence without getting killed herself. This is by far the most thrilleresque book in the series. All the books have been great mysteries with danger and intrigue but this one takes Sabre and crew to a new level. I enjoyed listening to this book and narrator John Bell did a good job telling the stories. This is the first time a Male narrator has been used in this series, and maybe that did raise the level of intrigue in the listening, but I have to say I prefer hearing a female voice narrating this series. Overall the author was kept me interested in the characters and I am ready for the next book where there might be a little romance in store for Sabre Brown. I will have to wait and see.

This book was given to me as a gift for an honest review all six of Teresa Burrell’s Advocate’s series are available at and reviews are available at 



I’ll see you in my dreams – William Deverell

This audiobook is narrated by Steve Scherf. He does a good job. This book is slow and has no real tension. Scherf can do little more than read this book. I didn’t care about any of the characters, I didn’t care about the Canadian legal system. The story about a young lawyers lifetime of guilt over pleading a not guilty native Indian guilty for murder has no emotion. 

My research into this author shows this to be the 5th of 6 books in the Authur Beauchamp series. I reviewed a book Mecca also written by this Canadian Author. I had some of the same complaints about that book but it was far better than this book.

I may be kinder if I had known the characters but I am not sure it would help. It took me a long time to listen to this very long audiobook. The only incentive I had to finish the book is the fact that I received this from a publisher who asked for my honest review. I would like give the narrator Steve Scherf another chance with better material. 

This book was received for an honest review.


The Black Banners – Ali Soufan

Narrated by Neil Shah this book is a true account of FBI Special Agent Ali Soufan. Soufan started investigating the USS Cole bombing and was still doing so on 9/11/2001. He was soon involved in the search for Bin Laden. Ali’s story tells of the conflict between the FBI and the CIA. According to this book the CIA kept information from the FBI that could have captured Bin Laden years earlier than he was. 

Soufan was an investigator and after several successful interrogations he became the FBI’s most successful agent at outsmarting those alQaeda operatives who were captured. Then the CIA moved in with their Advanced Interrogation Techniques. Although they never worked, the CIA continued to use techniques that were close to torture.
And when Ali got information from high level terrorist the CIA took credit and claimed success due to their techniques. 

This is a long audiobook but it goes into great detail on the FBI’s fight to stop terrorist attacks in the US. It has blank and redacted sections that the CIA didn’t want released. This book tells the history and reasoning behind AlQaeda’s actions. Be prepared for a version of events that you haven’t heard from the news or government.

This is a must listen for anyone who wants the truth about the US’s investigation of AlQaeda. You may be surprised at how dysfunctional it really was or is.

I bought this book for my own pleasure.

Peter Pan Must Die – Robert Fass Narrator

This is the fourth book revolving around NYPD Detective Dave Gurney written by John Verdon.  This is the the first book in the series I have listened to and it was such a great book I have added the previous 3 to my Audible Wish List.

First I want to say that Robert Fass deserves to be recognized for his work on this audiobook. His presentation and performance of each character was as good as if they had seven or eight different voice talents performing this book. The story may be the best mysteries I have read this year, Robert Fass brings the story to another level as I was on the edge of my seat listening. I know if I had read this book it would have kept me up all night until I finished it.

John Verdon has written an almost perfect book. I never new who hired the killer until the very end. If this was a movie you would watch a second time just to see if you missed a clue along the way because the finally is so shocking.

A man is murdered at his mothers funeral by a snipers bullet. His wife is convicted of the murder and an ex New York State Police Detective asks Retired NYPD Detective Dave Gurney to help him get her conviction reversed. There could be no two Cops more different than Dave Gurney and Jack Hardwick, but Dave owes Jack a big favor. And so it begins the Odd Couple of Detectives look into the case.

This, as I said, may be the Best Mystery I have read this year and it is my favorite book of the year as of this writing. I hope there are more books with both of the main characters in the future and that Robert Fass continues as the narrator.

This book was gifted to me by the Publisher Dreamscape Media for an honest review.


Defender of the Innocent- Lawrence Block

Lawrence Block is the winner of multiple awards as a mystery writer and has been writing since the 1950’s and has written more than 50 books and Short Stories. Defender of the Innocent is a collection of short stories written about  Martin H. Ehrengraf a dapper little lawyer whose clients all turn out to be innocent. I would love to see this made into a movie starring Danny DeVito.

These stories are fun and creative, although slightly unbelievable that no one would notice how many suspects get off in somewhat the same manner. Besides that one issue the stories are very enjoyable and the audiobook as a whole is a great investment of time and money.
Narrated by Don Sobczak, who brings this dark yet optimistic and sincere attorney to life. All of the different characters are uniquely represented and show the range of this performance artist. Sobczak takes the short stories and makes them seem fluid in space and time. Don increased the level of enjoyment from just reading to a listening experience. This audiobook is a must listen for any darker minded legal thriller fans. 

I received this book as a gift for an honest review.



The Confession – Robert Whitlow

The Confession is written by Robert Whitlow, Narrated by Heath McClure and Published by Thomas Nelson. McClure keeps your attention throughout this audiobook. The voices of the characters are not always uniquely separate from the narrative itself, but McClure does provide some real emotional moments in his presentation.
The story of Holt Douglas is a legal mystery. As a prosecutor Holt is always looking for a confession. When he stumbles upon an old murder case file he wasn’t supposed to see Holt questions why so little investigation was done. Was there a cover-up of a murder?
As Holt begins to look into the case he is shut down from every angle. Holts questions may open up old wounds that important people want left closed. Throughout “The Confession” Holt’s own hidden past is brought to light. His secret may damage him as much as the cold case murder may damage others. Will digging up others past, when his own is not resolved, overwhelm Holt’s conscience?
As a Christian book prayer, forgiveness, grace, and mercy are all themes. Overall this book is good. Only twice in this book was I on the edge of my seat listening. The story brings God into the everyday life of real characters and is a morality play more than a thriller. This is an easy listening audiobook.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


Trial and Terror – Audiobook Review

Trial and Terror by Adam Peneburg, Narrated by Jack De Golia.

Summer Neuwirth is a public defender who has won her first case. A rapist who is caught on video tape and still is aquitted by a jury. The trouble is he was guilty. Now her boss wants her to take on her first murder case. Her new client an ex-prostitute turned women’s violence advocate, has Motive, Means, and Opportunity.

Her guilty client, who was aquitted, knows a lot about Summer. Even some things Summer doesn’t remember from her past. As Summer tries to save her current client her past and present collide. How will she protect the innocent as well as herself. The twists keep you guessing. 

This book covers a lot of time and information in a short amount of time. With little back story, the characters are developed quickly and with a psycological edge that is hinted at but not really explored. The reader must infer a lot of the emotion that the characters must feel and the level of their relationship to each other. 

There are five stories being told, they intersect because of Summer and 4 of 5 revolve around her or her family. 

The ending is abrupt, to the point I had to rewind and listen again because I thought I missed something.

The narrator Jack De Golia does a superior job with the material he had to work with.  This book has good intentions but misses the mark by a mile.20140803-114526-42326738.jpg