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Birth of an Assassin – Rik Stone

A book about Russia, that takes place in Russia with an English Narrator. Dennis Kleinman does an excellent job with the Narration but I would have preferred Soviet Accented Voice. That being said up front, Tim Stone has written an excellent book. I listen and see the books as a movie in my mind. This would be a great movie. The twists, deception and betrayal is legendary. This is one of the few books after listening to the audiobook I want to read the book again on paper.

A young Russian boy who is small and a threat to know one has a dream of being a soldier. He is Jewish but wants nothing more than to serve the Motherland. He is chosen by a General to be part of a secret program. He is taught in all the ways of the Special Forces fighting and weaponry. He is placed in the field of battle and excels. After being trained in intelligence he works a normal government job while spying on his own military for the military. It sounds confusing but really is explained and told in a way that is easy to follow.

I was surprised at how invested I was as a listener to the characters. I highly recommend this audiobook. 


Advocate’s Felony – Teresa Burrell

This latest book in Teresa Burrell’s Advocate’s series is narrated by John Bell. Her heroin Attorney  Sabre Brown receives a call from her brother who has been in Witness Protection for the last 7 years. He believes someone knows where he is and that they are trying to kill him. Apparently he has been moved around the country from place to place trying to stay safe and hidden. After the latest incident he is on the run. He doesn’t trust those protecting him any longer. So Sabre has to juggle her defence of children in juvenile court as well as find and protect her brother. Since no one can know where he is, including Sabre, she must use her Nancy Drew like Skills and her trusty Private Investigator J.P. to find where her brother Ron is hiding. Unfortunatly She is not the only person looking for Ron. Apparently every where he has been moved people connected to his case have been found murdered. Some in law enforcement believe Ron is the killer, Sabre must save her brother and prove his innocence without getting killed herself. This is by far the most thrilleresque book in the series. All the books have been great mysteries with danger and intrigue but this one takes Sabre and crew to a new level. I enjoyed listening to this book and narrator John Bell did a good job telling the stories. This is the first time a Male narrator has been used in this series, and maybe that did raise the level of intrigue in the listening, but I have to say I prefer hearing a female voice narrating this series. Overall the author was kept me interested in the characters and I am ready for the next book where there might be a little romance in store for Sabre Brown. I will have to wait and see.

This book was given to me as a gift for an honest review all six of Teresa Burrell’s Advocate’s series are available at and reviews are available at 


Assassin’s Breach -Nicholas Cicero

Assassin’s Breach is available at and is Narrated by Jack de Golia @JackWestCoast. This narration has many characters and accents and Jack does a great job presenting them all. You can feel the terror and excitement in the spoken words of the author. An Assassin from an alphabet agency NICO (National Intelligence Covert Operations) retires to become a Political Apointee and writes a book that is a complete fiction but based on his experience in the field. After vetting and approval by the agency his Former Director Milken decides he has had enough. Too many tell all books and video games are giving away to many secrets. Milken decides to kill the former assassin Augustus Pena. Pena takes this act, rightly so, as War. He will stop at nothing to stay alive.

Assassin’s Breach is a great first book to this series and Jack de Golia is a great narrator.


Archangels Rise of the Jesuits Volume 1

Written by Janet M. Tavakoil and Narrated by Paul Heitsch Archangels is a story about a Vatican Intelligence Officer named Michael Visconte. He is called to the screen of a murdered Priest who also happened to be the Vatican’s Hedge fund manager. As a Financial Murder Mystery it is very good. Although a fictional story it is based in actual events. This book explores where the Vatican got it’s Billions and how it paid off so many abused children. This book I would call a historic fiction. The financial innermost working of the church are exposed or at least there is a great deal of truth in the written fiction.

Paul Heirsch does an excellent job with all of the characters and the Italian, Latin and German spoken by the priests. Where there is drama you can feel it in his presentation. The action is fast in some places and slow as a accounting textbook in others but the book overall educates and entertains.  This book is worth reading or Listening to.

This book was gifted to me for an honest review.

Not Privileged to Know

Written by Bill Rockwell and Narrated by Tom Rockwell this audiobook explores multiple murders, twins, the Mob, and Senators wanting to become President. How far will one man go to become president? What about his supporters, or his competitors? This book has all of this and more. 

The narration is well done, although audio levels for female characters are lower than others so you must listen at a higher than average volume to catch what they are saying. There are several female characters in this book. Except for that technical issue Tom Rockwell expressed the individual characters well. The narrative of the book is separate from the characters and is in no particular voice but is consistent.

This could be a thriller but lacks any real tension. There are quick moments of shock but no awe. This book was a good but not great listen.

This audiobook was gifted to me for an honest review.


Personal – A Jack Reacher Novel

Jack Reacher is back!!! What more does a Fan and Audiobook Reviewer need to say? Lee Child and Dick Hill are back with another story of Sherlock Homeless. Like all good military men and women when your country calls you step up. Even if wondering through the Beautiful Pacific Northwest (My Home). 

A sniper is loose could be one of hundreds trained by armies around the world. Does Reacher know them? Can he stop them before the strike the G-8 Summit? The chase is on and Jack has some baggage this time. A young CIA operative with little agency experience and no combat experience. Jack must teach her the ways of the wanderer.

Jacks chasing a sniper and the CIA, MI6, and Russians are chasing Jack. This is a quick listen and Dick Hill puts all the flair and life into Jack and his friends and enemies that the listener has come to expect. The blow by blow fight scenes are discriptive and bring you into the moment.

This isn’t the best of the Reacher Books but it wets my appetite enough to make me hungry for the next book. 

I bought this book on my own for review.