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The Academy-Lost Tales of Power Series Book 2

The Second Book in the “Lost Tales Of Power” Series narrated again by Jack De Golia @JackWestCoast. Jack’s ability to do male and female voices and even different alien races in a way that I can tell who is talking before the author tells me is a great credit to his workmanship and love of the spoken word.  The Author Vincent Trigili work continues to expand a universe to include other dementions without streaching the believability of the story.  He takes from several different known ideas, stargates, warp drive, magic, good and evil, and weaves them into a story that is interesting and intriguing. 

In this book the Characters from the first Book “Enemy of an Enemy” play an advanced but background roll and he introduces us to new young characters. Although young is relative as these characters live for hundreds of years. As the Empire has fallen and the Imperial Navy has been broken up and handed out to newly formed “states/governments” James the Pilot who assissted in defeating the Sorcerers in the final battle must deal with his nightmares of loseing a ship in battle and of his future. James enters the academy and unlike normal boot camp this training starts with a ten year training and weeding out process. Breaking students of old world ideas of selfishness and rebuilding selflessness and team work. Something lost in the technology overloaded future. 

There is still a darkness in the air over the newly formed republic and only a few can sense its presence. Time is ticking to train new wizards in time for the sorcerers revenge. This book and series looks at manyaspects of future life in a mystical yet practical way. I enjoy these books and hope to continue to receive them for review in the future.



Wolfen – Robert Fass

Imagin being a cop on a call and being attacked by dogs. These aren’t any or ordinary dogs, these dogs are Wolfen. And they don’t just bite they tear your body to pieces leaving only blood and body parts behind.  Now your a detective assigned to investigate the murder of your fellow officers. How would you explain the Wolfen? Could you? They know your scent and are tracking you. What is your move.

That is the story behind Whitley Strieber’s Wolfen Narrated expertly by Robert Fass. This Audiobook is a captivating listen from start to finish and kept me intrigued as to what would happen next.

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I received this audiobook from the Narrator for an honest review.


The Wolves of Paris – Rosemary Benson

Michael Wallace’s new book takes place in 1450 Paris. Where the Inquisition is still burning people at the stake and conducting other torturous acts. But as always people always seek out power. For one man and his friends the ability to shape shift from man to wolf and back is irresistible. Even if it damns their souls to hell.
Unfortunately an Italian Merchant and his brother along with a beautiful Widow of a French Duke stumble upon their plan and must fight for God, Love, and Life itself against this ungodly pack of demon dogs. 
The local clergy calling out the unholy think our Hero’s are themselves heretics and wish to round them up and punish them. The battle between Good, Evil, and Uneducated Ignorance is as much a part of this epic tale as the Wolves themselves.

This audiobook is Narrated by Rosemary Benson. She is by far the best narrator of French based stories in the business. Her accents and use of tone and space as she performs brings every audiobook to life. She is one of my favorite audiobook artists. I listened to this book because of her and was pleased that I did. Wall Street Journal’s Best Selling Author Michael Wallace wrote the perfect prose to showcase Rosemary’s Brilliance. 
This is a great book to read by listening.

This book was a gift in return for an honest review.