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Clay – Tony Bertauski

Narrated by David Dietz this science fiction novel is performed in an clear and  emotional form that presents the writers prose well. The story isn’t so far out of reality. This book follows Tony’s previous book in this series Halfskin. Biomites are enhanced cells that when added to humans enhance their abilities. They can give special computer like abilities to a users vision, vocabulary, strength and stamina. Some are given a boost at birth and can continue to receive boosts until they reach 49.9% biotite. Once over the 50% threshold the person is no longer considered human and forgoes all their rights, such as living. The government can kill you as soon as the catch you and it’s not murder, because you are not human. This is the basis for the adventure of this story. What if 49.9% wasn’t enough to keep you alive. What would you do? 

Along comes Nixes, black market bio mites not detectable by the Government. So many things going on in this book you have to listen to catch them all. I recommend Clay for a fun listen. I have questions but that is what makes science fiction fun.

The Academy-Lost Tales of Power Series Book 2

The Second Book in the “Lost Tales Of Power” Series narrated again by Jack De Golia @JackWestCoast. Jack’s ability to do male and female voices and even different alien races in a way that I can tell who is talking before the author tells me is a great credit to his workmanship and love of the spoken word.  The Author Vincent Trigili work continues to expand a universe to include other dementions without streaching the believability of the story.  He takes from several different known ideas, stargates, warp drive, magic, good and evil, and weaves them into a story that is interesting and intriguing. 

In this book the Characters from the first Book “Enemy of an Enemy” play an advanced but background roll and he introduces us to new young characters. Although young is relative as these characters live for hundreds of years. As the Empire has fallen and the Imperial Navy has been broken up and handed out to newly formed “states/governments” James the Pilot who assissted in defeating the Sorcerers in the final battle must deal with his nightmares of loseing a ship in battle and of his future. James enters the academy and unlike normal boot camp this training starts with a ten year training and weeding out process. Breaking students of old world ideas of selfishness and rebuilding selflessness and team work. Something lost in the technology overloaded future. 

There is still a darkness in the air over the newly formed republic and only a few can sense its presence. Time is ticking to train new wizards in time for the sorcerers revenge. This book and series looks at manyaspects of future life in a mystical yet practical way. I enjoy these books and hope to continue to receive them for review in the future.


Enemy of An Enemy – Vincent Trigili

This book is narrated by Jack de Golia @jackwestcoast. Jack is a tallented Narrator and I am wven more impressed with his work after listening to to titles he narrated back to back. Some times you will hear the same voices for different characters in different books. I was so happily supprised to hear unique voices and I could truley tell I was listening to a different book. To me as a reveiwer lf audiobooks is esential. It is not a deal breaker as one of my favorite narrators Dick Hill tends to sound like Jack Reacher in all his Narations. But that is probably more me than him.
As for the book I liked it. I am always wary of books like this because they all seem like Star Wars rip offs. This book does have some Star Wars elements but really what space drama doesn’t. The story kept growing. To say this 8 hour plus audiobook seemed much longer. It didn’t drag on but was filled with so much information, combat, and intrigue that you feel like you are there with the characters. The Main Character Vydor, thinks his life is on track as an Intelegince analyst when he is asked to go on a top secret mission. The growth of his character and the story that unfolds is one worthy of being told and the vision in your head while listeneing is better than any movie could ever be. Jack de Golia has a lot to do with that through his presentation. The author tells a moving story that for me continued to supprise and amaze over and over again while listeneing. I Highly Recommend this Audiobook. 


Wolfen – Robert Fass

Imagin being a cop on a call and being attacked by dogs. These aren’t any or ordinary dogs, these dogs are Wolfen. And they don’t just bite they tear your body to pieces leaving only blood and body parts behind.  Now your a detective assigned to investigate the murder of your fellow officers. How would you explain the Wolfen? Could you? They know your scent and are tracking you. What is your move.

That is the story behind Whitley Strieber’s Wolfen Narrated expertly by Robert Fass. This Audiobook is a captivating listen from start to finish and kept me intrigued as to what would happen next.

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I received this audiobook from the Narrator for an honest review.


Broken Skies – Andrea Emmes Narrator

Theresa Kay’s 1st book in Broken Skies series is narrated by 1st time narrator Andrea Emmes. 
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (March 10, 2014)

Andrea has the perfect voice for the lead character and voices the other characters from old to the very young both male and female very well. Theresa Kay has given proper respect to each genre in this Science Fiction, Young Adult, and Dystopia collaboration.

The story starts off quickly and catches you up along the way with details as needed in this fast passed audiobook. Jax Mitchell’s world has been a little crazy. Her mom died at the birth of her and her twin brother and their father died after raising them through their early teens. 

The earth was deveststed 30 years prior by man made biological weapons and then 10 years ago the E’rikon arrived. Aliens who created their own domed city where they lived not helping or communicating with the people of earth.

Until now… When Jax and her brother see an E’rikon craft land in a field she climbs a tree to investigate. After being seen her brother acts as a decoy so she can escape. When the E’rikon take her brother and leave a disabled one of their own behind Jax will do anything to get her brother back. Even if she has to work with the unknown alien to do it.

This story and direction of this First book, in what I hope will be a continuing series on audiobook, is a great attention keeping book.

This book was gifted to me for an honest review. 

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25 Perfect Days – Audiobook Review

25 Perfect Days was written by Mark Tullius and Narrated by Dave Thompson. This Audiobook is about the ever so popular Dystopian Future. The concept of the book is 25 stories from 25 different points of view about the past, present, and future of this dystopia.

A universal church “The Way” has teamed with the Government to take the money from society and provide for the needs of society. Using money and influence they pass laws limiting life span, who can have and raise children, everything for the universal good. 

This hellish vision of heaven on earth is presented thru 25 stories. Unfortunately only a single voice. The narrator Dave Thompson wether by choice or design uses the same voice for every character. When listening to a book set in 25 different voices it is just too much for any one narrator. He read the book with emotion but needed help. There is just to much going on in this book for a single narrator.

At this time I have to say the voice in your own mind will give you more meaning to this very dystopian work.20140725-210429-75869717.jpg