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Tesla – W. Bernard Robinson

This scientific book about Nikola Tesla Narrated by Allan Robinson and written by W. Bernard Carlson is a great overview of Tesla, his inventions and his humanity. This book explores his ideas, his successes and his failures. It reads like a History Channel Documentary, but Allan Robinsos’s narration makes it an enjoyable listen. I would suggest you have Internet access when listening so you can see pictures of Tesla’s inventions to give you visual of what you hearing about.
I found out many things I did not know about Tesla.  I was surprised that Tesla traveled as much as he did as travel was difficult in early 1900’s. This story is not a puff piece but looks at Tesla’s flaws and success equally drawing no conclusions but presenting the facts.
If you are a history buff this book is a great listen.
I purchased this book for my own entertainment.



Five Came Back – Mark Harris

Five Came Back – A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War written by Mark Harris and narrated by Andrew Garman is available at Amazon and 

This Audiobook is 20 hours of great insight and history of film during WWII. It chronicles the lives of five directors who left Hollywood at the height of their careers to join the military. They documented the war on film as well as made training videos and propaganda films.

The insight that these men had as well as the studios who hedged their bets against both sides of the war is an incredible look at business during wartime as well as sacrifice made.

You know the films, now look behind them to see the psychological impact war had on their creators and how it affected their filmmaking. If you like film of war history this book will grab your interest. Also many of the war films they speak of in this book are available to view on YouTube.  This is a great audiobook that grabs the listeners attention and takes them behind the camera during WWII.

I purchased this book for my own pleasure.


The Black Banners – Ali Soufan

Narrated by Neil Shah this book is a true account of FBI Special Agent Ali Soufan. Soufan started investigating the USS Cole bombing and was still doing so on 9/11/2001. He was soon involved in the search for Bin Laden. Ali’s story tells of the conflict between the FBI and the CIA. According to this book the CIA kept information from the FBI that could have captured Bin Laden years earlier than he was. 

Soufan was an investigator and after several successful interrogations he became the FBI’s most successful agent at outsmarting those alQaeda operatives who were captured. Then the CIA moved in with their Advanced Interrogation Techniques. Although they never worked, the CIA continued to use techniques that were close to torture.
And when Ali got information from high level terrorist the CIA took credit and claimed success due to their techniques. 

This is a long audiobook but it goes into great detail on the FBI’s fight to stop terrorist attacks in the US. It has blank and redacted sections that the CIA didn’t want released. This book tells the history and reasoning behind AlQaeda’s actions. Be prepared for a version of events that you haven’t heard from the news or government.

This is a must listen for anyone who wants the truth about the US’s investigation of AlQaeda. You may be surprised at how dysfunctional it really was or is.

I bought this book for my own pleasure.

The Ten X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure – Grant Cardone

The Ten X Rule is written and narrated by Grant Cardone, Published by Wiley in print and Gildan Media, LLC for Audio.

Grant is an expert on sales and motivating people to be their best. I can’t do this audiobook justice but I can say I have bought copies to hand out. Do life at the Ten X Level. Not One X or Five X, But TEN X. Think Big, then Think Bigger. It is your Moral Responsibility to be Successful. Take “Massive Actions” don’t be Average or settle for the Middle.  Don’t Fight for the scraps, Be the Biggest Dog you know. Never Say No. Say Yes, Leave everyone else behind working on If it can be done while You are Doing It! Whatever It may Be, Do It Bigger, Better, and Faster than. Anyone else. Understand that the Only Unsatisfied Customers are the One’s who don’t have what your Selling. Be Everywhere, All the Time! 

Grant shares so many secrets that this is a book I plan on listening to once a month for the next 12 months. This information is What You Need, Especially If You Think You Don’t. You need it most of all.

I bought this audiobook for my own pleasure and am glad to share my review.


Killing Lions: A Guide Through the Trials Young Men Face

Killing Lions: A Guide Through the Trials Young Men Face. Written and narrated by John Eldredge and Sam Eldredge. Available September 9th, 2014 published by Thomas-Nelson and on audiobook by Brilliance Audio. 
This Father and Son duo has written a conversational book. The son shares his thoughts and feelings about life and his father, a councilor, tries to explain why his son is feeling the way he is, how growing into manhood is challenging and how you can make the change from boy to man while staying under God’s direction for your life. 

Sam wants to share the thoughts and feelings of a generation that many feel is lost. I know that his thoughts and feelings are not much different than my own a decade or more before. What do I do for a job/career? Who will I marry? How does money affect my life? Where is God’s place in my decisions? How do I stand “against” Religion and “for” a Relationship with God?

The back and forth conversation make the audiobook difficult to listen to as Sam describes what he is thinking about his overall life direction and choices and his father John trying to explain those feelings both clinicly and spiritually. It is a message worth hearing but sounds more like a professor and student than Father and Son. 

This book uses a lot of references to sociological and psycological theorist along with the bible. An average listener will not understand the references or know who those referred to are. This aspect takes the book from a  insightful listen to a educational tome. Killing Lions has great information and I hope listeners can hear Sam’s heartfelt questions as they are questions of a generation.

Available at ChristianAudible.comIMG_0504.JPG

The Making of a Man – Tim Brown

If you are a fan of the NFL or Notre Dame you will be a fan of this audiobook. David Chattam Narrates the story of Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown NFL All-Pro for the Los Angeles and Oakland Raiders. David has a deep mellow voice that captivates the listener and will keep your attention. 

Tim shares the story of his life in and out of the NFL.  Starting with his childhood and taking you through his life spent in church and prayer meetings. A powerful father who taught Tim good and bad traits of being a Man, and a Godly Mother who kept the family together through it all.

Tim speaks openly about the troubles that can come to a young man. Premarital sex and the consequences of having a child outside of marriage. Tim made sure he was there for his son in the off season and had appointment phone calls several times a week during the football season to stay connected to his son.

Tim speaks openly about his alcoholic father and describes why he never touched alcohol or drugs. Being famous and winning the Heisman does not a Man make. Dedication and commitment to family, your team, and most of all God are Key to The Making of the a Man.

Tim shares his faith in Jesus Christ and how being a Man and leading by example and hard work made him who he is today. Through injury and disappointments God looked out for Tim and Tim gave God All the Glory.

This Audiobook is Published by Thomas Nelson on Brilliance Audio and is perfect for young fatherless men who need some Godly wisdom and advice on how to be a Real Godly Man.

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