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The Neon Lawyer – Victor Methos

Set in Salt Lake City a new lawyer is sworn into the Bar. He is a Full time Janitor and was made his way through law school with determination and hard work. After hand delivering resumes to the local Attorney’s offices he has no interest and try’s one last attorney TTB and associates. This flamboyant Russian attorney works all the angles that the law allows. Brigham, our young lawyer is willing to work for free but TTB will pay a percentage for his work. With no other options Brigham takes on the challenge. At first a traffic ticket defense that his out of the box thinking gets some attention. He is then handed a public defender murder case. This is rare and scary for any lawyer but more so for a one case lawyer. This is a great story of the system and how conviction at any cost is prevalent.

Nick Podehl is the narrator of this audio book and is excellent. After finishing this book I immediately looked for the next in the series and found Book 2 An Invisible Client.

I am glad to add this author to my rotation of great legal writers.


Mason’s Missing – Teresa Burrell

I’ve listened to this on Audible It’s totally free, if it’s your first time accepting a book from a friend.

The Author did send me this Audio Book for Review.

Tuper is a character from Teresa Burrell’s Advocate Series. She decided that the character needed his own book and I agree.

I like to start with the audio production since it is an audiobook. John Bell was the narrator and created every character with passion and the flair I have come to expect from this authors writing.

Tuper is a Sam Elliot type living in Montana. He is someone who has been around so long he knows everyone and “Knows a Guy” somewhere that can find him the information he needs to know. When a young boy goes missing the police are not sure if it is a kidnapping or a custody case between divorcing parents.

The mother asks Tuper for his help. Tuper, like I said, “Knows” lots of guys. But what he doesn’t know are computers or computer people. Then along comes a little lady he names Agony. She is a junior hacker and as her nickname reveals isn’t Tuper’s choice for a sidekick. Fortunately, she doesn’t ask permission, she like many of Tuper’s friends has a skill and against his better judgement he accepts her help.

This unlikely duo are on the case and looking for answers. When the people they are questioning start being murdered they know they are running out of time to find the little boy Mason.

Then the snow begins to fall…

This is one of the authors best books to date and I was captured from the opening paragraph. This is a great listen and will make you want to find and listen to her advocate series that takes place in Sunny San Diego.

A great character and environment in Beautiful Montana. This is a must listen to book.

FATAL – John Lescroart

John Lescroat is a great author his past works are much more interesting than this book. I gave it 3 stars because in my opinion it is much different from other books he has written. It is like he tried to cover to many topics, terrorism, infidelity, murder, business, and police work. A lot to fit into a single story. Then the ending was a disappointment. If this is first of series I suggest he cut his losses and move on.

Dancing with Air – Uvi Poznansky

This is my first review of Uvi Poznansky’s work. It is the 4th book in the series. First the Narrator Don Warrick performed well. I could understand and follow with clarity and emotion as he read each character.
The story about a women who was very forward thinking and adventurous for the time is refreshing. The male lead wants to serve his country and does so admirably. The story is an easy listen and is not very long at only 5hr 22min.
I wasn’t expecting much substance from the title or book cover but was surprised. This is not a sappy love story but a grounded story of love in wartime. 
I would listen to the other books as well if they are like Still Life with Memories. 

I, the Jury

Mike Hammer is a classic character. An old school Private Investigator who isn’t PC and always gets his man. We see Mike Hammer for the first time in “I, the Jury”. He continues as Mickey Spillane’s muse for 21 novels with the latest “Murder Never Knocks” arriving in March 2016. Mike Dennis brings this first in the series from 1947 back to life. His voice tells the story as much as the words do. This is another great narration that few could do as well as Dennis.
Hammer’s best friend from the World War 2 is murdered, a man who saved Hammer’s life, and now the murder must die. Mike is willing to kill anyone who looks like a suspect and so the race against time and the police is on. Will Mike get the right man? Will he make a righteous kill, or will the police stop him. It’s clear his conscious will not. A great listen for all who like the grit of old time radio with an edge.

Advocates Geocache

Teresa Burrell has written another page turner. Sabre Brown is back and living life as normal. Settling into a relationship with her Private Investigator   And working as a advocate for children in San Diego. Saber is helping her family and her community. She has been GeoCaching for fun and finds a unique item left behind. A death certificate for a one named person on a future date. Is this a hoax or a clue to an upcoming murder.
Sabre can’t leave it alone and as coincidences start piling up she can’t stop chasing the clues. When children she is protecting in the legal system may be involved Sabre enlists the help of all her friends to solve the riddle.
John Bell Narrates his second book in this series and dies a great job with unique voices and cadence to make the listen enjoyable for the listener.
What will Theresa think up next for Sabre and friends. Book 8 will be amazing if not dangerous.

Crow Hollow -Michael Wallace

Rosemary Benson is one of the best Audiobook Narrators working today. This is another treasure of Michael Wallace’s she has brought to our ears.

This tale of 1676 New England is historic in its landscape and its social descriptions of the time. The religious control of the population and fear of a far off King Philip sets up a story of treachery and deception.Prudence Cotton has lost her husband and believes her child was taken by the Nipmuk tribe. Others say the child was dead, but a mother knows. As she continues to try and find her child a stranger and his partner come to town.
James Bailey is an Agent of King Philip who has come to Boston to investigate The death of Prudence Cotton’s husband. When his partner is killed James and Prudence become an unlikely pair that run to the wilderness to hide from those trying to kill him and get answers for the crown. 
The unlikely duo of an unmarried man and a widow women in 1676 New England have more than just killers in front of them they have the scorn of the righteous to contend with as well.
This book is an amazing story and was a history lesson for me. It really describes and led me to feel the emotion of 17th century New England.
This is a great experience that Rosemary and Michael have gifted us listeners with once again.