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The Adventures of the Lone Jack Kid-Audiobook Review

Black horse Publishing and present Joe Corso’s “The Adventures of the Lone Jack Kid”; read by Robert Slone. A book that would make a great Movie, and paints a perfect picture in your mind as you listen. Jack Longstreet had recently been discharged from the Confederate Army after completing his four years of service. Jack receives a message from his brother that he could use his assistance in Carson City, in the Montana Territory, so Jack leaves his friends and heads west.

Jack is a noble man who has no desire for violence after the War but violence seems to follow him. Being out numbered and challenged in Lone Jack, Missouri a stranger stands with Jack to make the fight fair. When Jack takes down two men before the stranger pulls his gun, a Legend is born. Jack Longstreet leaves Lone Jack, Missouri on the Horse of one of the men he killed and heads west. Jack’s Adventures on his trip west to Carson City show the Honor, Passion, and Determination of the old west. Where family and friendship come before money or reputation. The troubles of Jack ‘s Brother require more than one man to solve, so Jack calls on his friend’s from Missouri to come out west and help. The finally of this audiobook will make you want to listen to more of Joe Corso’s work. This is an exciting audio book that you won’t want to stop listening to once you start. – 5/10/2014