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The Good Dad – Jim Daly

The Good Dad-Being The Father You Were Meant To Be, Writen and Read by Jim Daly, President and CEO of Focus on the Family, and Published by Zondervan on Briliance Audio.

Jim is an expert on Fatherhood. As the Leader of an Organization that was established especially to support the family only God could lift an almost parentless child to such a position.

Jim’s Dad was an alcoholic who left the family when he was young, then his mother died and his step-father abandoned him and his brothers and sisters and he was then raised in a Forster Family where the Father figure accused Jim of trying to kill him.

Jim reads letters from men about their fathers and uses biblical teaching to establish Gods Father Heart. At times I think Jim is barely holding back tears as he reads letters or talks about his trip to Dodger Stadium with his Real Father in his later childhood years.

The fact that it is never too late to be a Good Father, that damage done can be healed through the working of the Holy Spirit and Love of Jesus. Jim speaks of partnering with your wife and understanding that Mothers and Fathers have different rolls but that Unity is most important.

Love and gentleness are as much a part of being a man as being the protector. Jim’s voice is the same heard weekly on the radio and speaks with a quiet confidence of someone who knows what not to do as well as what God calls men to be as fathers. This is an excellent book that I highly recommend be listened to as an AudioBook.

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Availabe at Audible.com



Be the Dad She Needs You to Be – AudioBook Review

Psychologist Kevin Leman’s book published by Thomas Nelson on Brilliance Audio and Narrated by Stu Gray is a must listen.

Stu Grey’s voice brings the jovial nature of the author to life. Within seconds of starting this audiobook I was laughing out loud. The stories and life lessons some taught and some learned by Kevin Leman are shared with a fatherly love and compassion. This tone is properly presented by Stu Grey. 

Being a Father to your Daughter is a high calling and one that needs to be taken seriously. Leman uses humor and scriptural insight to bring his wisdom and experience to the listener. This is an audiobook that can be listened to on a road trip with the whole family or while walking or driving to work. This is good information for men, woman, sons,  daughters or any one planning on becoming a parent. 

Christians and Non-Christians alike can find Gold in this audiobook and I highly recommend this and any other audiobook Author Kevin Leman and Narrator Stu Gray produce with confidence.
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Purchase at ChristianAudio.com

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Being a Dad who Leads – Audiobook Review

John MacArthur’s book Narrated by Maurice England is a guide for fathers who wish to be leaders in their home. When many fathers today are absent and spend more time on their careers than with their family this audiobook is a merciful response to the question how can I be a better leader in my home.

As a Christian John MacArthur’s  guidence comes directly from the Bible. At a time when Christian values and ideas are coming under attack MacAurthur lays out the scriptural basis for Fathers being Leaders in their homes.

Political Correctness is set aside as Biblicial Truth on Loving your Wife as Jesus Christ loved the church. Setting examples for your children by living a Holy and Spiritual uplifting life, and teaching your children biblical truth while giving them room to grow.

The second half of this audiobook talks about what it means to be a Biblicly based Father Figure. Using examples from both the New and Old Testement MacAuthur describes a self sacrificing life where forgiveness and love override the societal  norms of shunning and disapproval seen in today’s culture. 

Unconditional Love is presented as an alternative to the “I told you so” correction so many fathers hand out today as instruction that actually destroys a child.

Maurice England’s narration of this audiobook is clear and easy to understand. His inflection and emphasis is just the right amount to give the listener the understanding from the authors written word.

Being a Dad who Leads, is an Excelent book on Leadership at any level but to its audience especially.