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Advocate’s Felony – Teresa Burrell

This latest book in Teresa Burrell’s Advocate’s series is narrated by John Bell. Her heroin Attorney  Sabre Brown receives a call from her brother who has been in Witness Protection for the last 7 years. He believes someone knows where he is and that they are trying to kill him. Apparently he has been moved around the country from place to place trying to stay safe and hidden. After the latest incident he is on the run. He doesn’t trust those protecting him any longer. So Sabre has to juggle her defence of children in juvenile court as well as find and protect her brother. Since no one can know where he is, including Sabre, she must use her Nancy Drew like Skills and her trusty Private Investigator J.P. to find where her brother Ron is hiding. Unfortunatly She is not the only person looking for Ron. Apparently every where he has been moved people connected to his case have been found murdered. Some in law enforcement believe Ron is the killer, Sabre must save her brother and prove his innocence without getting killed herself. This is by far the most thrilleresque book in the series. All the books have been great mysteries with danger and intrigue but this one takes Sabre and crew to a new level. I enjoyed listening to this book and narrator John Bell did a good job telling the stories. This is the first time a Male narrator has been used in this series, and maybe that did raise the level of intrigue in the listening, but I have to say I prefer hearing a female voice narrating this series. Overall the author was kept me interested in the characters and I am ready for the next book where there might be a little romance in store for Sabre Brown. I will have to wait and see.

This book was given to me as a gift for an honest review all six of Teresa Burrell’s Advocate’s series are available at Audible.com and reviews are available at PerryMartinBookReviews.Wordpress.com 



Fire and Ice – Dana Stabenow

This is the First of the Alaska Trooper Liam Campbell novels. Narrated by Marguerite Gavin. Marguerite is a great narrator and brings all of the many characters to life.

Once Trooper Campbell arrives at his new posting someone dies. In the first three days there are many activities and shootings that take his attention. This story lays the groundwork and background for many characters including the town and villages of Liam’s new posting.

As Liam solves the murder and works to gain the trust of the people at his new posting his personal life becomes Intwined with his investigations. This audiobook is a great first book in what I think will be an even better series.

I purchased this book for my own interest, this review is my own.

The Escape – David Baldacci

Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy narrate this third book involving David Baldacci’s character John Puller. They do a great job expressing all of the character voices throughout this audiobook.

John Puller’s Brother Robert is in a military jail for spying. John as well as his Army General Father believe Robert is guilty. When Robert escapes and leaves dead guards behind the Army goes against all protocol and brings John in to search for his brother.

The more John looks into his brothers escape the more questions arise. Questions about the facts of Roberts original conviction and who was behind his escape.

This thriller/mystery keeps the listener asking questions until the very end.  This is a great series and I can’t wait for the next one. 

I purchased this audiobook from Audible for my own pleasure.


Think of a Number – John Verdon

This is the first book in the Dave Gurney Series. This audiobook is narrated by Scott Brick. Scott also did the second book in this series Shut Your Eyes Tight. 

John Verdon is a once in a lifetime author. He has no law enforcement background but writes like a retired cop, much like his main character Dave Gurney. Dave is A retired NYPD Detective and is asked to look at a case.

This is the first time we meet Dave and his wife and son. His (what I call) Anti-Partner Jack Hargrove and his need to solve puzzles. Dave puts his whole heart into this case and even risks his own life to answer questions and close the case tight.

This is a book of substance but keeps you listening through the very end. This book does not have slow areas as each chapter you learn along with Dave what is happening. This is a great book and series. I am sold and a big fan.

I bought this book for my own pleasure and review purposes.


Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

IMG_0034-0.JPGNarrated by Julia Whelan and Kirby Heyborne, this book has won several awards:
New York Times Janet Maslin’s 10 Favorite Books of 2012; Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainer of the Year;
People Magazine Best books of the year; Edgar Award nominee for Best Novel; Amazon and Barnes & Noble Best of the Year; Macavity Award nominee for Best Mystery Novel; Anthony Award nominee for Best Novel; The Women’s Prize nominee for Fiction; Strand Critics Award nominee. 

And is now a Movie and of course this audiobook I will admit I am late to the table with my reading of this book but it was well worth the 19 hours.

Nick and Amy are celebrating their five year anniversary. Amy always plans a treasure hunt with riddles that have to do with important events that she remembers from the previous year. Nick, never does well at these hunts because men and women are different and what is monumentally important to one doesn’t even register to the other.

This year Amy disappears. A struggle at their home and she is gone. Nick looks for her as the police look at him. This Mystery worries Nick. Where could Amy be? The twists and turns in this book are Hitchcockesque. And the narrators voice Nick and Amy brilliantly. Listen to this audiobook and hear what everyone else is talking about.

This book was purchased by me for my listening pleasure.


Archangels Rise of the Jesuits Volume 1

Written by Janet M. Tavakoil and Narrated by Paul Heitsch Archangels is a story about a Vatican Intelligence Officer named Michael Visconte. He is called to the screen of a murdered Priest who also happened to be the Vatican’s Hedge fund manager. As a Financial Murder Mystery it is very good. Although a fictional story it is based in actual events. This book explores where the Vatican got it’s Billions and how it paid off so many abused children. This book I would call a historic fiction. The financial innermost working of the church are exposed or at least there is a great deal of truth in the written fiction.

Paul Heirsch does an excellent job with all of the characters and the Italian, Latin and German spoken by the priests. Where there is drama you can feel it in his presentation. The action is fast in some places and slow as a accounting textbook in others but the book overall educates and entertains.  This book is worth reading or Listening to.

This book was gifted to me for an honest review.

Peter Pan Must Die – Robert Fass Narrator

This is the fourth book revolving around NYPD Detective Dave Gurney written by John Verdon.  This is the the first book in the series I have listened to and it was such a great book I have added the previous 3 to my Audible Wish List.

First I want to say that Robert Fass deserves to be recognized for his work on this audiobook. His presentation and performance of each character was as good as if they had seven or eight different voice talents performing this book. The story may be the best mysteries I have read this year, Robert Fass brings the story to another level as I was on the edge of my seat listening. I know if I had read this book it would have kept me up all night until I finished it.

John Verdon has written an almost perfect book. I never new who hired the killer until the very end. If this was a movie you would watch a second time just to see if you missed a clue along the way because the finally is so shocking.

A man is murdered at his mothers funeral by a snipers bullet. His wife is convicted of the murder and an ex New York State Police Detective asks Retired NYPD Detective Dave Gurney to help him get her conviction reversed. There could be no two Cops more different than Dave Gurney and Jack Hardwick, but Dave owes Jack a big favor. And so it begins the Odd Couple of Detectives look into the case.

This, as I said, may be the Best Mystery I have read this year and it is my favorite book of the year as of this writing. I hope there are more books with both of the main characters in the future and that Robert Fass continues as the narrator.

This book was gifted to me by the Publisher Dreamscape Media for an honest review.