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Deadly Heat – Richard Castle

Yes that Richard Castle of ABC’s Castle. So far there have been five novels written by character Richard Castle and these books have been published with great success. This audiobook is narrated by Robert Petcoff and he brings the flair and tone fans of the Castle TV show have grown to love.

This is another adventure with our heroin Nicky Heat, who is still trying to piece together clues of her mothers murder as well as stop a bio-terrorism attack on New York. Her squad once again pull out all of the stops to get their perp.

These are well written and narrated stories that show that Castle flair for the dramatic. There is drama a thrill, and danger as Nicky Heat tracks down another ruthless criminal. For enjoyment listening I recommend all of the Heat titles, all available on audible.com.

I purchased this book for my own pleasure.IMG_0036.JPG


Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

IMG_0034-0.JPGNarrated by Julia Whelan and Kirby Heyborne, this book has won several awards:
New York Times Janet Maslin’s 10 Favorite Books of 2012; Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainer of the Year;
People Magazine Best books of the year; Edgar Award nominee for Best Novel; Amazon and Barnes & Noble Best of the Year; Macavity Award nominee for Best Mystery Novel; Anthony Award nominee for Best Novel; The Women’s Prize nominee for Fiction; Strand Critics Award nominee. 

And is now a Movie and of course this audiobook I will admit I am late to the table with my reading of this book but it was well worth the 19 hours.

Nick and Amy are celebrating their five year anniversary. Amy always plans a treasure hunt with riddles that have to do with important events that she remembers from the previous year. Nick, never does well at these hunts because men and women are different and what is monumentally important to one doesn’t even register to the other.

This year Amy disappears. A struggle at their home and she is gone. Nick looks for her as the police look at him. This Mystery worries Nick. Where could Amy be? The twists and turns in this book are Hitchcockesque. And the narrators voice Nick and Amy brilliantly. Listen to this audiobook and hear what everyone else is talking about.

This book was purchased by me for my listening pleasure.


Archangels Rise of the Jesuits Volume 1

Written by Janet M. Tavakoil and Narrated by Paul Heitsch Archangels is a story about a Vatican Intelligence Officer named Michael Visconte. He is called to the screen of a murdered Priest who also happened to be the Vatican’s Hedge fund manager. As a Financial Murder Mystery it is very good. Although a fictional story it is based in actual events. This book explores where the Vatican got it’s Billions and how it paid off so many abused children. This book I would call a historic fiction. The financial innermost working of the church are exposed or at least there is a great deal of truth in the written fiction.

Paul Heirsch does an excellent job with all of the characters and the Italian, Latin and German spoken by the priests. Where there is drama you can feel it in his presentation. The action is fast in some places and slow as a accounting textbook in others but the book overall educates and entertains.  This book is worth reading or Listening to.

This book was gifted to me for an honest review.

Personal – A Jack Reacher Novel

Jack Reacher is back!!! What more does a Fan and Audiobook Reviewer need to say? Lee Child and Dick Hill are back with another story of Sherlock Homeless. Like all good military men and women when your country calls you step up. Even if wondering through the Beautiful Pacific Northwest (My Home). 

A sniper is loose could be one of hundreds trained by armies around the world. Does Reacher know them? Can he stop them before the strike the G-8 Summit? The chase is on and Jack has some baggage this time. A young CIA operative with little agency experience and no combat experience. Jack must teach her the ways of the wanderer.

Jacks chasing a sniper and the CIA, MI6, and Russians are chasing Jack. This is a quick listen and Dick Hill puts all the flair and life into Jack and his friends and enemies that the listener has come to expect. The blow by blow fight scenes are discriptive and bring you into the moment.

This isn’t the best of the Reacher Books but it wets my appetite enough to make me hungry for the next book. 

I bought this book on my own for review.


The Lie – Andrea Emmes Narrator

The Lie, Gold Medal Winner – Fiction 2013 at Illumination Book Awards by Ashley Fontainne and Narrated by Andrea Emmes. This book jumps off the page and comes alive through the performance of Andrea Emmes. The characters all have substance and emotion. I felt the confusion and terror of the unknown. Every twist and turn caught me off guard and yet I never jumped ahead in my mind to the end. Every word was written so well I listened in one sitting.

Karmen Moncrille was raised by her mother after her fathers death in a car crash. She was home schooled and sheltered from the world. She read every author and every type of book. When at 16 she wrote her first book it was a best seller then a Hit Box Office Movie. Her gift for writing made her wealthy and every book was quickly picked up by her fans.

When her dreams started coming to life and causing her mental anguish she runs away to relax in her Kentucky  cabin. A spiritual battle ensued that opens Karmen’s unbelieving heart to the truth of Jesus and Gods ultimate plan. A shocking and thrilling ride to the end. 

This book was a gift for an honest review.IMG_0706.JPG

Invisible-James Paterson

This audiobook is Narated by January LaVoy and Kevin Collins. This book is a true suspense thriller. The narrative  between the serial killer and the FBI tells parallel stories that keep you on the edge of your listening seat. LaVoy and Collins crest unique voices for each character and you can feel the tension as they present the written word.

As much as I like James Patterson’s series I like his stand alone books as well as any other thrillers. As a former Research Analyst (RA) I love the inclusion of the data collection and evaluation of clues by the RA’s. Sorting through the haystack to find the needle takes a special skill and patience.

This is a story about a killer who doesn’t exist, crimes that don’t link, victims with no connection, in essence it is about the invisible. One victims sister is an RA for the FBI. As a twin she knows her sister was murdered. There seems to be no evidence so the hunt begins with a single RA looking for clues.

The twists and turns throughout this book keep the listener guessing until the final chapter. This is a quick listen worth every second. 

I purchased this book for my own pleasure and for review. It was a great choice.

Option to Kill – Andrew Peterson

Narrated by Dick Hill in the same tone and professional manner of all his work, he brings Nathan McBride to life. You listen and think Nathan himself is recalling the story. I have review the first two McBride novels and feel Andrew Petetson has produced his best work to date. I love seeing Nathan’s human side opposed to his Marine/CIA side that really can’t be separated. 

When young Lauren texts Nathan saying she has been kidnapped he knows it’s no hoax. Lauren gets his attention by using his secret CIA code name. Nathan leaps into action trying to find and protect Lauren. He immediately finds himself in the middle of a situation he doesn’t fully understand. But as McBride is never in over his head he heeds the call and the thrill commences.

Option to Kill is the Best McBride book to date. It is a great listen and makes you want more.