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Order of Saint Michael- God’s Army

Order of Saint Michael – God’s Army is written by Kobie Newton and Narrated by Andrea Emmes. This book takes a behind the veil look at the spiritual world and the working of demons and Angels to influence our daily life. This book is written as a Young Adult story of two sisters who unknowingly are playing an online multiplayer game that is owned by a company essentially run by angels.

This sounds far fetched but within the storyline it works. The game allows the Angels to find Holy Warriors who are human. The sisters have a gift that allows them to see the spirit realm and the story is about their first adventure as members of the Order of Saint Michael.

Andrea Emmes is a christian musician who loves theater and has taken all her God given talents and is using them as a audiobook narrator. The voices of the characters are unique and consistent throughout the audiobook. She brings the story to life and from the beginning you as a listener are transported to the world these sisters live in. I felt real emotion and concern for the characters as I listened.

This is the first book in a series I am excited to continue listening to. I received this book as a gift for an honest review.



The Lie – Andrea Emmes Narrator

The Lie, Gold Medal Winner – Fiction 2013 at Illumination Book Awards by Ashley Fontainne and Narrated by Andrea Emmes. This book jumps off the page and comes alive through the performance of Andrea Emmes. The characters all have substance and emotion. I felt the confusion and terror of the unknown. Every twist and turn caught me off guard and yet I never jumped ahead in my mind to the end. Every word was written so well I listened in one sitting.

Karmen Moncrille was raised by her mother after her fathers death in a car crash. She was home schooled and sheltered from the world. She read every author and every type of book. When at 16 she wrote her first book it was a best seller then a Hit Box Office Movie. Her gift for writing made her wealthy and every book was quickly picked up by her fans.

When her dreams started coming to life and causing her mental anguish she runs away to relax in her Kentucky  cabin. A spiritual battle ensued that opens Karmen’s unbelieving heart to the truth of Jesus and Gods ultimate plan. A shocking and thrilling ride to the end. 

This book was a gift for an honest review.IMG_0706.JPG

Dream Student Dream Series #1 – Audiobook Review

Dream Student by J.J. DiBenedetto and Narrated by Heather Jane Hogan.

First some honesty. I review all types of books, this one I was reviewing for the Author and for something outside my normal pleasure listen. So my expectations were low. I was wrong, extremely wrong.

This book is incredible. The idea of seeing another persons dreams. The good you can use it for or the evil that can haunt you. This is movie worthy or at least a series on The CW. A Guilty Pleasure all the way. 

Also Heather Jane Hogan, is a diamond from any angle. I loved her narration. If I needed a narrator she would be high on my list.

Sara Barnes is in college studying pre- med. Finals are coming up and she starts having nightmares of a young woman being assaulted and then murdered and her body dumped. 

For nights Sara had similar dreams with the same characters. She thinks it’s anxiety somehow associated with finales until she sees the women’s picture in the paper. The women was found dumped dead as in Sara’s dream.

As Sara tries to understand what is happening she has mixed dreams some pleasant, some funny, some terrifying. As Sara begins to see more and more dreams of those around her, her safety and sanity are challenged. A intriguing and shocking ride to the very end.

This first book in the Dream series is a must listen to in audiobook format.